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Saved and Sure 


Salvation security depends on God, not feelings or signs. 


It is called eternal life because it starts now and lasts forever. 

During prayer after the Monday night Bible Study at the homeless shelter, theteacher asked, "is this your day of Salvation? .. has God spoken to your heart tonight?; ... areyou ready to confess and repent of the sin in your life and accept the death of Jesus Christ aspayment for your sins? ... are you willing to be saved right now?" Heads were bowed, but aclear voice to the left in the circle, said, "yes, I am ready". The teacher replied, "then pray thisprayer with me in simple faith and truth, trusting God to work a miracle in your life" "DearGod, I need you. My life is full of sin because I have loved sinning more than you. I desire to giveup my sin and to be made clean and live your way. Please forgive me. I believe that Christ diedon the cross to pay for my personal sin, and I am now humbly calling upon the name of JesusChrist, in response to the promise, 'whoever shall call upon the name of the Lord, shall be saved'. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for dying for my sins and now accept Christ as mypersonal Savior and Lord. Please come into my life; cleanse me, change me and help me live mylife for you from now on. Amen."

As the meeting broke-up, Mike stepped quickly to the teacher. "That was me whoaccepted Christ. I have wanted to do that for a long time, but never felt like I was really ready before. Now I feel so much peace and relief. What happens now?". "Now", the teacherreplied, "you start living the new, eternal life you have claimed. You have been made a newcreation in Christ; the old has gone; the new has come (I Cor.5:17). Mike asked, "how can I besure that I am really saved... will this feeling of peace and relief last?" "Mike, you havereceived Salvation and eternal life. It is called 'eternal life' because it starts now and lasts forever. The teacher continued, "Thank God, that the security of our Salvation and eternal life dependon God's promises and faithfulness, and not our own ability or feelings. If we could saveourselves, or keep ourselves saved, Jesus Christ's death would have been unnecessary!" "It isby God's grace alone that we are saved through faith. and even faith is the gift of God  

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