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Higher Power 


'Higher power' and 'Supreme being' are not synonyms for 'God'. 


If the name of one's 'higher power' is not God ... it is Satan. 

"Higher power"stuck out in the church service like a bright red stain on a white tablecloth. Every occurrence of"God" in the once familiar narrative had been replaced by "higher power". A politicallycorrect attempt to avoid offending those who might not believe in God, suffocated the truth. Thereference was not corrected, leaving the congregation to draw one of two conclusions. Either thechurch considered 'higher power' a legitimate synonym for God, or the church views "God" aswhatever ambiguous power one chooses to worship. 'Higher power' automatically distances onefrom the sovereign creator God of the Bible. It declares, "whoever or whatever one worships isequally valid".

'Higher power' or 'supreme being, subtly assign God's rightful, sovereign role and gloryto an anonymous, faceless force. That is a long way from politically correct truth .. or any otherkind of truth. It is a lie of the devil and has no place in a Christian's mouth, much less a Christianpulpit on Sunday. God is the one and only higher power and supreme being (Lk 24:49). Theonly other 'spirit' that seeks worship, is Satan! (Matt.4:9-10). Nameless neutrality is only a liemasquerading in ambiguity (2 Cor.11:14-15 ). If believers keep quiet before men, even the stoneswill cry out (Luke 19:40 NIV). The name of one's higher power is God, ... or it is Satan!

If the Bible referred to man as 'the little guy downstairs' or 'the inferior being', God's love would be regarded as a parody. Instead, God openly declares his love for mankind. Likewise, if one referred to one's earthly father as "the man who lives with my mother" or "myauthority figure", one's legitimacy and love would be highly suspect. One's attitude and faithtoward Jesus Christ, reveal one's heart toward God "Whoever acknowledges me [Jesus Christ]before men, I will also acknowledge him before my Father in heaven. But whoever disowns me before men, I will disown him before my Father in heaven" (Mat 10:32-33). That is a veryserious 'technicality'.

The pyramids rising from the Egyptian desert, are unmistakable evidence of humanintelligence and accomplishment. Still, no living person has actually met the builder or knowsexactly how this amazing feat was accomplished. Only a few scholars have any real knowledge ofthe civilizations and kings represented by the pyramids. Still, no rational person concludes that anunknown or unseen pyramid builder, 'proves' that pyramids were mystically blown into place bysome random, 'higher power'. The existence and intelligent purpose is as evident in pyramids .. asin the created world and human life. Ironically, pyramids were designed as a link between manand an unseen God and eternal existence.

The existence of a master builder with an intelligent purpose is plainly seen in oceans thatstay in their beds, mountains towering above flat lands, and an unlimited diversity and complexityof human thought and choice. Ancient pyramids and long dead builders, hold no claim on one'slife. Every man is accountable to the sovereign, creator God of the universe. God created man,thus man is not God, but is subject to God's higher authority. Cloaking God in a 'higher power' shroud, does not change God's true identity. It tells listeners that the speaker either does not believe in God, or at least has no real relationship with the one true, living God.  

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