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Vote for God! 


Knowing God is far better than knowing the President 


In the next election, I am definitely voting for God! 

The President of the United States temporarily holds whatmany regard as the most powerful position in the world. Still, Presidents are periodically voted orforced out of office and cannot make one law without the approval of hundreds of Congressmenand judges. The President makes decisions based on what other men support or believe and, likeall men, makes mistakes. Most people know who the President is and something about him, butdo not personally know the President. He only knows most Americans as one of 250 millioncitizens, and will only speak individually to a very select few.

God is the permanent, eternal sovereign ruler over all that has ever existed anywhere.There is no higher authority and he will rule forever. God created the universe and established itslaws and truths, without the approval or consent of any man. He defines righteousness anddecrees his truths absolute, timeless and unchanging. God knows and loves each person andindividually speaks to each one daily; even those who have closed their ears to his voice and truth. God has pledged the life of his only son, Jesus Christ, against a deep personal relationship andeternal life for every person who will accept it. God's promises are absolutely reliable, includinghis promise to never leave or forsake those who accept his love (Mat 28:20, Rom 8:36-38). Inthe next election, I am definitely voting for God!

A personal relationship with the President would impress many people. God loves thehomeless rag-picker in India, as much as he loves the President. He shows no favoritism forposition, possessions, gender, nationality or any other worldly 'ranking' criteria (Acts 10:34, Gal3:28). Instead of votes, popularity or fame, God has chosen a close personal relationship witheach individual. He sent his only son to seal his offer of forgiveness and eternal life (John 3:16). That is a pretty good offer! God is grieved when any individual rejects the love, eternal life andrelationship he offers. He has promised, however, that they will not enter into heaven and that theonly other alternative is condemnation and eternal death, apart from God (Jn 3:3-5, Rom 6:23, Jn3:18, Mat 7:21-23).

The promise of Jesus, "I am with you always, even to the end of the earth" (Matt.28:20), is infinitely more valuable than the "trust me" promises of politicians. God has theauthority, power and integrity to keep every promise, yet no obligation or private gain frompromising anything to anyone! A promise is as good and true as the one making the promise. Like God, his promises are also absolutely righteous, holy, just and timeless. God's unconditionalpromise to "be with believers always", is not limited by schedule, circumstance or convenience. It does not depend on our good behavior, or even if we remain with God. It conveys suchunimaginable love and concern, that it is truly unimaginable!

To 'run for God's office', one would have to make a lot of promises that no man couldpossibly keep. That does not seem to bother some men, but even a "me too" campaign, wouldrequire some pretty far-fetched promises. --- "My life is yours completely, from this instant on --all day and night, every day, including holidays. If you choose me, I will adopt you as my belovedsons and daughters (Eph 1:4-5,Rom 8:23, 2 Cor 6:17-18). If something concern you, it concernsme. I will fight your battles for you (Ex 14:14, Num 10:9, 2 Chr 32:7-8). My eternal inheritanceis yours; all my interests, desires, time and love are available in your life. You are never alone --all of my power is your power. I will act on your behalf, for your good in every circumstance andall things in your life will be resolved in your best interest (2 Cor 9:8, Rom 8:28). My promisesare absolute, irrevocable and eternally binding" --- VOTE FOR GOD! (#17)  

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