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Unchanged by change 


Be changed by God and unchanged by circumstances. 


Changing circumstance are inevitable. Changes in people are a choice. 

There seemed no alternative, butto move away from God's beautiful light, back into the darkness. Without very careful planning, Iknew everything could fail and things would be worse than when I started two years earlier. Still, there was no choice; change was inevitable! Even when operating in the full light of God'sinstruction to go to Jerusalem, Paul was suddenly plunged into the darkness of the ocean and thenMalta (Acts 28:1). He made the best of it and I would too. Establishing new connections afterthe last move had taken considerable time and effort Things got so bad that it seemed like evenGod could not help. In desperation, I admitted that I could not do it alone and soughtprofessional help. Starting over again, was an unpleasant thought, but change is sometimes theonly alternative to even bigger problems.

Contact names and locations were carefully written down in preparation for severingconnections that had been in place for years. Some people are adept at getting complex thingsback the way they were; I am not one of those people. Moving the furniture added a sense of inevitability to the challenge ahead. Finally it was time. If the home theater system was not movedfrom under the skylight to a darker part of the room, the expensive, big screen TV could beseverly damaged! Daunting as it seemed, the tangled mass of wires now had to be reconnected.

Life is full of suprises! Career and family circumstances often disrupt our lives and causeus to change familiar habits and surroundings. It may even be necessary to sever comfortable,long-time business and personal relationships and build new ones elsewhere. Change is invariably necessary to achieve new goals. Even when our circumstances remain the same, our view of theworld changes perpetually throughout our lives. While change is inevitable, we do not have to bechanged by our circumstances. God never changes and if we keep our eyes on him, we will notbe changed by the events and circumstances around us. Moving back to the world's darkness isnever unavoidable, since God always provides a way of escape from temptation (I Cor 10:13).

The big picture on the TV should remain clear, as long as the TV works and is pluggedinto a good power source. As long as we remain alive and attached to God's power source, life'sbig picture will remain clear and calm, even in the midst of life's storms. When things get allfuzzy and out of focus, or nothing seems to work, we can be pretty certain that the power sourcehas not moved or changed. If we simply trace our path back to where we were when things wereworking, we can often discover what we changed that created the problem.

When I plugged-in the TV to the power, there was still no picture. As it turned out, theantenna wires were switched. Sometimes Christians get their wires crossed. They may be seeking answers from God, but are not receiving a clear signal. Again, God has not moved orgrown disinterested with our problems or circumstances. We may simply be limiting our abilityto hear God, or even other people, by a pre-determined, expected response. As with this story,things may appear, sound and seem to be what they are not. When we keep our eyes fixed onGod and our heart set on his faithfulness, not our own expectations or faith, God will keep the bigpicture of our life clear. (#518)  

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