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Bible Abuse 


The Bible is God's true, inspired Word .... or man is God. 


A careful, sincere search for diamonds in a pig sty, will still not produce diamonds. 

"Some people use the Bible and God's name to support both sides of anargument!", argues Rhonda. My ex-husband would beat me and then shout, "wives submit toyour husbands" and "the husband is the head of the wife"! (Eph 5:22-24). Some religiousbehavior is just plain hypocrisy". "That's what Jesus thought too", the teacher injected. Surprised by the lack of religious defense, Rhonda challenged, "then how is one to know thetruth?" He replied, "unfortunately, people are not equipped with lights that change colorswhen they are telling the truth. Even the betrayal of Christ by Judas, one of Christ's chosendisciples, did not change or cancel the truth of God's Word. The words of Christ are true, andeven colored red in some Bibles. Still, they do not come out of people's mouths coated in red inkand can be distorted. One who truly seeks God's truth, will confirm all things by God's Word, theBible!

Bible verses can be selectively arranged to support or renounce most arguments. Thetruth of God never changes. Satan twisted the words of God to tempt Eve in the garden andChrist in the wilderness (Mat 4:1-10). Every denominational nuance and most cults claim somedegree of Bible support. During the Crusades, scripture was used to justify Godless atrocities. Racists and bigots also often use scripture to support their unjust causes. None of thatinvalidates the truth and power of God's Word, any more than drug abuse invalidates the use ofprescription medicine. Christians are to keep their eyes on Christ and judge all things by God'sstandard, not vice-versa. God's Word and truth are not subject to or validated by the world'sbeliefs or standards! (I Cor 2:15-16; I Cor 6:3-5).

Responsibility for "rightly dividing the Word of truth" (2 Tim.2:15) rests with eachhearer. Teachers are held to a stricter standard of accountability (James 3:1). God will ultimatelydeal with false teachers and those who follow false doctrine (Mat 5:19, I Cor.3:15). Meanwhile,every individual is accountable for knowing and responding to God's truth (Jn.12:47-48). God'struth is not established by human belief. Beliefs are justified by truth. One may sincerely believethat the gas is not leaking, but that will not prevent an explosion or make them less dead, if theylight a match. The person who rejects Jesus Christ in the sincere belief that there is another wayto God, is not less lost or condemned (John 3:18, 14:6; Acts 4:12, ).

Understanding and obeying Bible truth is another matter. Like a roadmap through thehighway of life, the Bible will get us to our destination, if we follow it. If we fail to consult orunderstand the map, we may not complete the journey as expected. Wrong turns will not yield aright directions.

People need good, nourishing food to maintain strong, healthy bodies; not simplyanything that can be swallowed. Christians also need good, nourishing Spiritual food to growSpiritually strong and mature (Eph.4:13-14). Everything on the banquet table of God's Word isgood for wisdom, correction and righteousness training (2Tim.3:16). A Spiritual steak takenfrom God's table and rolled on the world's filthy floor or seasoned by a poisoned mind, is nolonger the food God provided. Christians are to be conformed to God's table, not the world's junkfood (Rom. 12:2, I Pet.1:14-16). Babies, like Spiritual infants, cannot distinguish between goodfood and bad (Heb. 5:14). They will devour a plate of broken, colored glass or worthlessphilosophy, as quickly as a healthy meal.

Until one accepts God's Word as the absolute source of truth, man is still God. Thebelief that truth is whatever every person believes, is only another version of "man is God". Even by the world's standard, there is no greater truth than God's Word. The Bible stands alone,in antiquity, prophetic revelation, power, reliability and integrity. Still, many prefer the world'sbaubles and broken glass, over the diamonds of God's truth. Sincerity and good intentions areworthless if one is searching for diamonds in a pig sty. God's truth is found and confirmed in thediamond mine of God's Word. (#122)  

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