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Anger comes from within, not from others. 


Anger is easier to control than open conflict or war. 

George is at war! He is an angry, ex-Army Supply Sergeant whogets what he wants through belligerence, manipulation and bullying. Only, he does not really getwhat he wants. He claims to want, "everyone [else] to do what they are supposed to do, rightthe first time, on schedule". George works as a Program Manager for a large corporation. Some see him as a 'loose cannon' and bad for moral. Others admire his results and ignore hismethods. If the length of one's 'fuse' measures the time or size of event required to provokeanger, George's does not have a short fuse. He has a firing pin! His philosophy is to "fire firstand question survivors later".

George believes others force him to be angry by ..."job pressures; slackers; peopletrying to make his life difficult; the life and death situations he saw in Vietnam; his ex-wife; tightschedules, incompetence; bad drivers and cold coffee". What may once have been a reaction,has long since become a way of life. Ironically, the more George yells and bullies, the more hehas to yell and bully to get the same results. Unlike Army Privates, co-workers ignore his tiradesand even sabotage some of his projects. It makes him angry to watch others get better results, with less anger and stress.

Anger is the fuse that ignites many conflicts and wars between countries, individuals andstirs inner battles. Although typically blamed on others, anger usually grows out of one's ownfear, greed, jealousy or other feelings. This truth is evident when the same circumstances, do notprovoke everyone to the same anger. Anger can be controlled and conflict largely avoided, eventhough some find it more difficult than others. Anger is always easier to control than openconflict or war. James advises, "everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow tobecome angry, for man's anger does not bring about the righteous life that God desires" (James1:19-20). "The peace of God that passes all understanding" (Phil.4:7) is far better thansupressed anger or counting to ten.

Beauty contestants seem to be born with the knowledge that "world peace" is theanswer for everything from ingrown toenails to iceburgs. True peace, however, comes only fromthe God of Peace (ITh 5:23, Is.9:6). 'Peace', as simply the absence of trouble or conflict, is notalways real peace. Peace achieved through compromised truth or false security, or imposed bydomination, is not worth much. Anger rarely produces good results or true peace.

Anger is damaging among Christians. One may smiles and speaks sweetly in thesanctuary. If one fights on the way to-and-from church, in committee meetings and elsewhere,however, they are not truly at peace with man or God. Righteous indignation is often little morethan self-righteous anger. Christ exhibited Holy anger against unrighteousness, in driving themoney changers out of the temple (Jn 2:13-17). When personally abused, he said nothing (I Pet2:21-23). Man's anger resists God's love and drives non-believers away from church and religion. Mature Christians avoid contentious anger and are ruled by peace (Ph 2:2-5, Col. 3:15). Theymeet opposition and trials with peace (Jn 16:33) and turn away anger with soft words. Christiansare the only living example of Christ's love, in a very angry world (2 Tim.2:24-26).

George "finally had enough and called it quit!" Unfortunately, he only moved hisanger from the workplace, into retirement. George desperately needs Christ and God's love, butis angry with God, the Bible and Christians who confront his anger and Godless lifestyle. Jesuslove's George and wants to replace his anger with God's peace. Only a thick-skinned, non-angry,mature Christian will be able to share Christ's love with the 'George' in your life.  

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