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Where is the Profit 


Ministry may not pay as well, but it is infinitely more profitable 


If a man ignores profit, his business will fail. If a man ignores God, his life will fail. 

Richard, a semi-retired aerospace executive, earns six figures as a management consultant. He acts as a business liason between companies in Southeast Asia and the U.S. "Do you really tell these companies anything new or unique?" asked his friend John. "Not really", Richard replied, "in fact, I tell them that most of the information we provide is publicly available. They already understand their own business. The language of business is the same everywhere: profit, revenue, cash flow, return on investment and so forth." "If both sides speak the same business language, what role do you play?", asked John. Richard thought a moment, "I help companies bridge the culture gap. In the process, we both make a profit".

John, an active Bible teacher and street minister of many years, was considering full-time ministry. He would give up a good job in industry and start with no income to do that. Richard asked about the ministry, "I understand about helping people and 'doing good', but where is the profit?" Richard, a non-Christian, did not understand the 'Christian culture gap'. "Do you really tell people anything new or unique?" he asked, picking-up their earlier conversation. John replied, "not really, in fact, all the information I provide is publicly available in the Bible. I simply help people find God's answers for themselves. God speaks the same language everywhere: love, grace, sin, Jesus Christ, faith, repentence, salvation, eternal life, and so forth." "If Christians already have the information; and 'non-believers' do not believe, what role do you play?" "I help people bridge the Christian 'culture gap'. In the process, we both make a profit.  

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