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Confess God's truth, not Satan's lies. 


Believers are no longer "only human" - 

God's sons and daughters are commanded to be separate from the world (2 Cor 6:17), but not hermits. The world needs to see the difference God makes, in the lives of joyful, positive, power-filled people who love on another. Christians should also see the power and "fruit of the Spirit" growing in their lives (Gal 5:22). Spiritual fruit confirms God's work and power (Mat 7:16-20). The love of God in believers shines beyond their immediate church or social circle, and God is made known (Jn 13:34). "Even [non-believers] love those who love them!" (Lk 6:32).

Christians are reborn as "new creatures in Christ" (John 3:6, I Cor 6:19, II Cor. 5:17). They may no longer truthfully claim, "I am only human" when faced with difficulties or their own shortcomings. God's Spirit has set them apart forever. Christ is as powerful in the world today as ever. The church, however, has lost much of its influence, because the world has gained such great influence in the church! Today, many denominations brag over who is losing new members at the slowest rate. Christ measured success by faithful disciples, not attendance, budgets and programs. Some modern and liberal churches would better serve God, by following Christ's example. Christians are "only human", if being reborn in the Spirit and indwelled by God's Holy Spirit is only religion. Victorious living is far more than happy whistling!

All Christians are commanded to "Go and make disciples of all nations" (Mat 28:18-20). A great deal of 'discipling of disciplers' must be done in the church by Bible teachers, ministers and evangelists. For the most part, however, 'making disciples of all nations' must be done outside the Sunday and Wednesday church services. At the very least, 'disciple makers' should be positive, Spirit- led daily lives in careers, homes and social arena. Being 'disciple makers' is not an option or a gift of the Spirit. It is a commandment!

It is pointless for Christians to keep begging God for a faithful, righteous, servant like spirit. He has already given every believer his indwelling Holy Spirit! Believers must learn to thank God for what he has already done and then walk in the power, love and authority of the Holy Spirit. There are no excuses. A positive, truthful confession of a Christian is, "Thank you God for giving me a gentle, non-critical, non-self promoting, Christ-revealing, power-filled Spirit. Whatever I do by your Spirit will succeed by your power, to your glory and honor. Please get me out of the way, so you can work!"

One's co-workers, supervisors, spouse, friends and others may not recognize such a new, positive, Christ-revealing Spirit! That may be the price one must pay for having lived such an inconsistent life. Still, it is the truth of God and the confession of God's Spirit within a believer --- "I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me" (Gal. 2:20 NIV). One thing further one can ask of God for a great light of conviction to shine on one's heart, every time one claims the negative lies of Satan, instead of the positive, power and truth of God. One must then understand conviction as a teaching tool, immediately recognizing and resisting the enemy in the name and power of Jesus Christ.  

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