210). SATAN: ‘Satan is not real!’

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POSITION: It is high time we get passed this ignorant ancient belief in Satan (devil, Lucifer, etc.)..there is NO SUCH THING. When people actually come to the realization that Satan is nothing more than the ego/carnal mind most humans live through…they will then be enabled to control it and live the way Jesus, as well as many others, taught us to live.  CLM RESPONSE:   No Satan? — How can you be sure Jesus is real? It’s high time we either stood firm on the Bible … or stop the pretense that we can pick-and-choose whatever doctrine suits us, while ignoring the rest...

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Comfort | 2 Corinthians 1

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  COMFORT SERMON  (5/4/00) –[ II Cor 1 - "God of comfort"]   Illustration:  Eric Barker, a missionary from Great Britain, spent over 50 years in Portugal preaching the Gospel — often under adverse conditions.  During WWII, the situation became so critical that he was advised to send his wife and eight children to England for safety.  His sister and her three children were also evacuated on the same ship.  While his beloved relatives were forced to leave, he remained behind to carry on the work.  On the Sunday following their departure, pastor Barker said to his...

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Resurrection | 1 Corinthians 15

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  RESURRECTION Sermon – (7/01 update of  5/00) (Ref:  1 Cor 15 “The Resurrection Chapter”) INTRODUCTION: *** A Muslim tour guide announced to a group of Christians viewing the purported tomb of Mohammed, “We have the bones of Mohammed to prove that he lived and died – all you Christians have is an empty tomb!”*   Today, let us examine the effect of the Resurrection in our daily lives.   Is there any real truth in our song, “Because He lives, I can face tomorrow??“  OR do we only claim to be Spirit-filled Christians, yet sing, “The...

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Spiritual Gifts | Matthew 12

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  Spiritual Gifts Sermon –  (3/14/00 Rev. of 7/99 orig)   INTRODUCTION:   One day several animals decided to improve their lives by developing the abilities they admired most in each other, but they lacked.  The owl had always wanted to swim like the duck …who had always admired the rabbit’s ability to run like the wind.  The squirrel thought flying like an owl looked wonderful, while the rabbit thought climbing trees was a great way to see approaching predators.   When the Owl tried to swim, he was easily pulled under by the alligator, who had always...

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Active Discipleship

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  DISCIPLESHIP SERMON – - 3/28/00 (discipl2.ser) INTRODUCTION         Words do not seem to mean what they once did (liberal, fundamental, tolerant, miraculous, ‘right,’ open minded, ‘truth’).  Meanings tend to get twisted by  advertizing, politics and social views or trends.   Religious terms also get distorted, (‘Christian, discipleship, evangelism, Saved, Lost, Truth.   Since these terms have eternal implications, let’s accept the Bible as God’s unchanging, true Word:   Everyone who has not accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior has ignored,...

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