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Things the church doesn’t teach about Christianity (923).

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CONCERN:  (923).  BIBLE TRUTH/DOCTRINE:  The ‘Christianity’ that most churches won’t teach you. There are more churches in most communities than banks and barber shops. You would think that you could hear anything you wanted from such a doctrinal smorgasbord. Yet there are quite a few things that most churches do not teach. For example: It is extremely rare to find a church that will teach that Jesus was not sent to preach to Gentiles in his earthly ministry (Matt 15:24). But since the Lord himself said that was the case, where do you fit in? You would sooner find a decoder ring in...

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210). SATAN: ‘Satan is not real!’

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POSITION: It is high time we get passed this ignorant ancient belief in Satan (devil, Lucifer, etc.)..there is NO SUCH THING. When people actually come to the realization that Satan is nothing more than the ego/carnal mind most humans live through…they will then be enabled to control it and live the way Jesus, as well as many others, taught us to live.  CLM RESPONSE:   No Satan? — How can you be sure Jesus is real? It’s high time we either stood firm on the Bible … or stop the pretense that we can pick-and-choose whatever doctrine suits us, while ignoring the rest...

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How do we know that Jesus Christ is the only way?

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QUESTION:  How do we know that Jesus is the only way? He is the ONLY one who brought God’s consciousness (Holy Spirit) to a human consciousness. When He died and was reborn as Spirit (resurrected) His human consciousness (Holy Spirit) remained within the collective human consciousness as the Comforter connecting ALL human consciousness to God. His human consciousness (Comforter) is the ONLY connection to God for any other human consciousness. That is why He is the ONLY Way to God for any of us. CLM RESPONSE: Jesus came in direct fulfillment of over 300 Messianic prophecies …...

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Mystery Babylon: Revelation 17-18

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13)   Mystery Babylon                                                               [Rev 17, 18] The ancient city of Babylon was renowned for its corrupt worldliness and opposition to God’s people and purposes.  “MYSTERY BABYLON, THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF PROSTITUTES AND OF THE ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH,” is the  grossly corrupt religious and commercial/political systems of the world.  Babylon is proud, wicked, unrepentant and self-indulgent.  Three characteristics of Mystery Babylon are: 1)      Self-indulgent and...

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