The Return of Christ: Revelation 19-21

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14).   The Return of Christ                                                      [Rev 19]   Christ, the Messiah, “came unto His own, but His own received Him not” (Jn 1:11). He was rejected by a world blinded by its own expectations of a triumphant, warlike king, who would reign on an earthly throne.   Instead, Christ came as a ‘suffering servant,’ to forgive and save those who crucified Him, not to judge them!   Today, the world is again blinded by its own perceptions of a loving, mild-mannered God (perhaps a baby in a...

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Bible Abuse

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Theme: The Bible is God’s true, inspired Word …. or man is God. Summary: A careful, sincere search for diamonds in a pig sty, will still not produce diamonds.   “Some people use the Bible and God’s name to support both sides of an argument!”, argues Rhonda. My ex-husband would beat me and then shout, “wives submit to your husbands” and “the husband is the head of the wife”! (Eph 5:22-24). Some religious behavior is just plain hypocrisy”. “That’s what Jesus thought too”, the teacher injected. Surprised by the...

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Theme: Anger comes from within, not from others. Summary: Anger is easier to control than open conflict or war.   George is at war! He is an angry, ex-Army Supply Sergeant who gets what he wants through belligerence, manipulation and bullying. Only, he does not really get what he wants. He claims to want, “everyone [else] to do what they are supposed to do, right the first time, on schedule”. George works as a Program Manager for a large corporation. Some see him as a ‘loose cannon’ and bad for moral. Others admire his results and ignore his methods. If the length...

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Faith in Action

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Theme: Real faith produces action. Faith without works is dead! Summary: The study of God distracts some from the God of the study.   Jim has become somewhat of a self-taught Bible scholar in the two years since he accepted Jesus Christ as his Savior. He is now part of two Bible Study groups and recently completed a thirty-four week Discipleship Study program. Jim is part of the church worship committee and attends Sunday School with his wife. He was reluctant to speak out at first, but soon discovered that his Bible knowledge exceeded that of others in the class. He now discusses most...

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Raising Children

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Theme: Loving parents instill discipline and self-control in their children. Summary: God’s children trust their Father without knowing where he is leading.   Jane and her red-haired, five year old, Matt, braved a sidewalk sale at the local department store. Matt immediately dashed between racks of clothes with the zeal of a bushy red squirrel being chased by an agitated hunting dog. A pregnant, exasperated looking woman with three children in tow, one a redhead about Matt’s size, trundled down the next aisle. She yelled , to no avail, as her brood dispersed among the racks....

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