About Us

Christian Life Ministries is a non-denominational ministry committed to sharing  the Gospel of Jesus Christ with all people…

The mission is to magnify Jesus Christ through personal outreach conducted in churches, nursing homes, assisted care facilities, prisons, family and life restoration ministries and wherever God leads.  Christian Life Ministries provides evangelism, Bible teaching and instruction, preaching, counseling, mentoring, ministry development, mission work and other. [thethe-image-slider name="Slider1"]

John and Sharon have been married for 44-years.  They have two children and five grandchildren (all of whom are perfect).  They retired in 2008 from careers in Strategic Intelligence and Education Administration.  John has been in ministry (ordained) for  30-years.  They currently live in Destin, Fl.



Evangelism:  Preach, teach, counsel and minister, to Introduce people to Jesus Christ and encourage them to commit their lives to Jesus as their personal Savior and Lord.

Discipleship: Help people develop an intimate, daily relationship with Jesus Christ and become active, fully committed followers of Jesus Christ.

Ministry Mentor:  Help disciples mature in faith; better understand and communicate their faith; and discover/use their Spiritual gifts to conduct effective ministry in their sphere of influence.

Counseling: Counsel, comfort, encourage and instruct those the world often overlooks, in living by God’s principles and standards: the lost, destitute, needy, imprisoned and distressed..

Christian Materials: Write and publish: Christian Devotions, Sermons, Teaching materials, Bible Studies, Study tools and other Ministry and Teaching aids and Discipleship.  Provide Bible training materials for internet and hard copy publication.

Christian Ministry Planning:  Help Christian ministries develop ministry plans, business plans, operational strategies, PR materials, volunteer and donor plans, etc.


Ministry Affiliations:

Resurrection Ranch Ministries: Bible teacher, counselor, Board Member
Brevard Correctional Institution: Preacher, Bible teacher
Alterra-Sterling House Assisted Living Facilities: Preach, Conduct Funerals, Counsel
Satellite Beach United Methodist Church: Teach, counsel, disciple
CITA Mission: Teach and preach; Missions work
Bible-At-A-Glance Publications: Bible Study Guides and materials
Seminary Covenant Community: Board meetings; Ordination committee

Village Baptist Church: Destin, Fl

Walton Correctional Institution: Defuniak Springs, Fl
Christian Author: Devotions; End Time Teaching Materials; Study Guides; etc.