When is a ‘Christian’ not a Christian? (925).

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QUESTION: I have given thought to this question for many years and it is something that I have always been curious about. There are so many different religions. So many different Christian sects. And of course, no single ‘sect’ can be correct. Because if it is correct, where does it leave the others?

My question, or at least the first one, is, if a person is being led to Christ…if a person’s heart is truly seeking God, then does it matter what faith it is that is leading the person down the road? Let’s say that they are following a money hungry televangelist. They have given practically every thing that they have to this church, but they have found God. Is it truly our job to beat at their doors and tell them that their way is not the right way?

Secondly, if it is our job to ‘convert’ these ‘poor lost sheep,’ to what ends will we go? Shall we completely beat their spirit down and make them see the error of their ways? What if in our attempt to bring them to our faith–to OUR GOD–they lose their faith entirely? What then? How will we explain this to God on our day of judgement? I’m trying to imagine the words, “Well, yes, Father, I understand that they were searching for you, but they were doing it all wrong.”

One cannot be a CHRISTian … apart from CHRIST, regardless of what church one attends (It’s a contradiction … like saying one can be an American without ever being in America) — Simply believing there is one God is not enough — As James points out, “Even the demons know there is one God and tremble.”

Likewise, true believers do not belong to any one denomination. The true church of Christ on earth includes … Baptists, Methodists, Catholics and any other individuals who believe/trust/depend on Christ.