Things the church doesn’t teach about Christianity (923).

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CONCERN:  (923).  BIBLE TRUTH/DOCTRINE:  The ‘Christianity’ that most churches won’t teach you.

There are more churches in most communities than banks and barber shops. You would think that you could hear anything you wanted from such a doctrinal smorgasbord. Yet there are quite a few things that most churches do not teach. For example:

It is extremely rare to find a church that will teach that Jesus was not sent to preach to Gentiles in his earthly ministry (Matt 15:24). But since the Lord himself said that was the case, where do you fit in?

You would sooner find a decoder ring in your cracker jacks than a church that teaches the wrongness of ‘law tithing’ today. Instead of teaching liberty in Christ, most churches shackle you with the threat of the Mosaic Law when it comes to your wallet (2 Cor 9:7, Titus 1:11).

Neither will you find a church teaching you to circumcise your male children on the eighth day of their birth. Yet all of them obligate new members be baptized … even though both were Jewish customs! (Col 2:11-12, Ex. 29:4).

While we’re at it, don’t you know that you can’t go to church, because you are the church? The church is always people never brick and mortar (1 Cor 3:16). Yet most every “church” places a sacred importance on their building. Since people are the church you can have God’s grace in your car or a phone booth, just as easily as at an altar.    Also, you will very rarely hear the truth about Christmas, Easter, and Lupercalia. (Acts 12:4)

These are just a few of the things that are not taught in churches all across the country. If you are in one of those churches, perhaps you are not getting the whole truth.


God (and His Word) are not ‘confused’ about Christ, Believers/Followers of Christ, His plan and purpose for mankind, the OT/NT, the Law, Sin, Eternal Life/Death, Salvation, Condemnation, Grace, Justice, Mercy … and hundreds of other truths. Neither are these things overly complicated or ‘hidden’ from the world.

The problem comes from those who do not like what the Word teaches… and instead emphasize and introduce variations or interpretations that suit their own biased agenda. “All ‘Scripture’ (not interpretations) is inspired by God.”

Jesus clearly taught, “The Word that I have spoken will judge you on the last days.” He didn’t say anything about “Believe and do whatever ‘you’ decide is right and I’ll honor that.” In fact, the Word also clearly says, “Many follow a wide road that leads to destruction … and few there are that find the narrow road that leads to God.” (para).

It seems like the 80%/20% rule applies to many public forums (eg; 80% of people spend 80% of their time fussing about doctrinal ‘nits’ … and only 20% dealing with bedrock truths of which there is little dispute).

To suggest that the church and pastors are NOT teaching these bedrock truths is itself in error.  More over, claiming that God’s Truth is not being preached and taught … because one’s personal doctrinal ‘nit’ is not repeatedly scratched,  is “an itching ears search for what one wants to hear” …. not a true search for  God’s truth.